Os Olhos De André

Director: António Borges Correia
Production: Black Maria 
Art Director: Ana Bossa
Sound: Marcos Albuquerque

Best Portuguese Feature Film - Indie Lisboa 2015

The story of a family seeking harmony, seen by a twelve-year-old boy. It is through the eyes of André that we see a family torn apart by circumstances. After a difficult process of divorce, António, the father, gets custody of his four young children until the mother declares that the youngest child is not his son. The mother disappears. The father refuses to do a paternity test since it won't change anything.

André sees his younger brother, Francisco, being taken to a Host Family. Sees the older brother Diogo permanently silent. Sees his other brother, Tiago, taking refuge in music, pretending to understand a cruel reality. Sees his father like a surviving animal, trying to maintain the house and keep the boys happy. André starts to understand that he has to be in an adult world faster than what is usually asked of a kid. He is the team's captain, a promising football player but a helpless spectator of what is going on around him. So André plays with all his anger to free himself. His redemption is trying to bring the younger brother back home.