Director: António Borges Correia 
Production: Flávio Matos
Sound: Marcos Albuquerque

Doc Lisboa 2010

Phones, internet, cable TV, GPS, social networking, live in the era of full communication, in a few years radically changed the physiognomy of our day to day. But the mountains are still in place, with rivers and streams to run obstinately to the sea. And as stones, water, the trees, there are also men who remain unyielding in the most inhospitable places in the deepest valleys and isolated. These men will change only by death. In a remote valley of the Peneda mountain there is a man who ... has changed. Departed. We need to go get him to give him a funeral. The mortician Olegario, accompanied by Raul and Carlos, a ride in the pick-up (there is no other way to reach the target) and go up the mountain. It will be a service for a long journey.